This summer has been especially tough on Casey after selling his boat.  He's always itching to get out fishing and some days I know it must nearly kill him not to be able to go.  Fortunately, he's been able to go out with his brother quite a few times.  Typically they fish 3-4 tournaments per summer, but this year in the spirit of saving some money they cut it down to just one tournament and put forth their very best efforts.

And it paid off!  They won 2nd Place in the bass division of the Trempealeau Catfish Days tournament yesterday.  They weighed in their limit of 6 fish with a total weight of 19.69 lbs.  I'm so proud of them, and it was fantastic to see the pride and happiness in their eyes.  Of course, the cash prize is always nice, but I think the bond these two brothers share in their love of fishing is the best reward.  It was fun to see them laughing and joking and entirely happy about their accomplishment. 

Congratulations, Casey and Chad.  I am SO proud of you both.

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