finding some bliss

I took the kids outside today to play in the snow since they were nearly climbing the walls in rebellion of the Winter Blues. 

It was in the midst of the laborious task of dressing the three of us that I considered it might not be worth all the effort.  We put on snowpants, then boots, then mittens, then coats, and THEN mommy still had to get dressed. All the while, Liam is screaming "Outside! Outside! OutSIDE!"

I wished I'd waited until Casey would be home.  But of course I couldn't take back my promise at that point.  So, I took a deep breath and out we went. 

It was terrific to see their sheer joy in just having some time outdoors.  And it turns out I needed it just as much as they did.  It was an opportunity to not think about anything but playing and laughing together.  My beautiful children enjoyed the snow, and I enjoyed my beautiful children. 

These are the moments I will remember always.

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