what's with the crazy noodle?

Maybe you're curious [or don't give a crap at all] about why I'm calling this blog 'my crazy noodle.' First off, I must say I am probably partially crazy, so that part is accurate. Second, I do love pasta. And lastly, the blog is about what's in my head, AKA: noodle. So there you go.

But of course there's more to the story.

A few years ago, err...maybe more than that...okay, I'm sad to admit this likely occurred prior to having children. Anyway, a few years back I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered a culinary delight like no other. A cheesy, green and orange delicacy with a taste that is out of this world.
Of course, I'm talking about Kraft Macaroni and Cheese -- Crazy Noodles!

In the words of Rachael Ray: Yum-O! I have been a fan of mac and cheese since forever. After this amazing discovery, the crazies quickly became a staple in our cupboard. Oh, and the [not so] witty and hilarious digs from my husband were immediate as well. I was often referred to as a 'crazy noodle' because of my obsession with the mac. I didn't mind. I was happy with my status as a crazy noodle fanatic.

Sadly, this story doesn't have a happy ending.

The crazy noodles were apparently a limited edition, as only 5000 boxes were ever produced. (Really I have no idea how many were produced but I wanted to add some drama here).

Imagine my bewilderment when I went to buy my cherished mac and it was nowhere to be found! And whenever I go to buy mac and cheese to this day, I seriously check to make sure the Crazy Noodles have not been resurrected. (I told you I'm partially crazy). Because my husband is such a loving guy, my old nickname does pop up every now and again...and my response is always, "HEY, I LOVED Crazy Noodles!".

So now you really know the whole story. I hope you feel enlightened.

P.S. You, yourself may want to keep an eye out for the reincarnation of the Crazy Noodles. If you need some visual guidance, here is a photo of my beloved:

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